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First Cat Graduate in the Caribbean

Dansanio Sital Displays His Certification of Completion

Dansanio Sital is the first student in the Caribbean who successfully completed Caterpillar's Technicians for the Caribbean training. Sital, who could follow this training through the intervention of Surmac, marks with his deed a historic moment for Suriname in general and Surmac in particular.

The CAT graduate watched the news on television and found out that Caterpillar offered free online basic technical training to every Surinamer. Sital did not hesitate and went looking for more information. On the Facebook page of Surmac he saw the link with information how to register and he registered immediately. "Everything went smoothly," he says. "I spent three weeks, about three days a week on this training." According to Sital, it took some getting used to at the beginning. He did online training for the first time, which was also taught in English. "It was very different," he says. "The language was not a problem for me, but it took some getting used to because you do not speak or write English every day."

The online training has motivated Sital, who has a rich technical background, to continue studying. "I would like to follow more of these trainings. Not only online, but also practical training so that I can develop myself better, because I'm still far from where I want to be. "

Since January 1, 2019, more than 800 students have registered with Caterpillar's free Technicians for the Caribbean training. In addition to Surmac, also Macorp (Guyana) and M & E Limited (Bahamas), offer this training. Caterpillar initiated this technicians program in 2017 in Africa where it became a huge success. On this basis it was decided to offer this basic technical training in the Caribbean.

Sital has a short message to the 800 students who have signed up. "Once you've started, just finish it. You do not get less of it, you become more of it. You learn a lot and you can do a lot with the certificate. This is the beginning. "

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