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Macorp Launched "Technicians for the Caribbean"

By: Weneta Pooran, Macorp Learning Center Administrator

Macorp launches free Technicians for the Caribbean program with industry partners, media, and political luminaries!

During its years of existence, Machinery Corporation of GuyanaLtd (MACORP) has remarkably been recognized for having an experienced work force and a strong commitment towards Guyana’s development through training and youth empowerment.

At Macorp, we have acknowledged the fact that globally, many successful organizations are driven by the constant technological and mechanical improvements. As we continue to expand CATERPILLAR’s presence throughout country, MACORP humbly launched the “Technicians for the Caribbean” Website/Program on May 10, 2019 at the Marriott Hotel in Georgetown.

Education has transformed a lot and it is gaining the digital form currently. Phones and computers became the note and pen for the present and future generation. The Internet has reduced the distance between the students and the educational institutions, thus, students from any part of Guyana can get access to these courses on their palms now. Being in such a fast paced world, Macorp implemented this Program which will provide a number of advantages for the Youths in Guyana.

The following advantages were presented at the Launch to all in attendance of this event:

Technicians for the Caribbean is:

  1. Totally free of cost

  2. Tackles unemployment

  3. Comprehensive and can be completed within a short period of 3 to 6 months

  4. Can be completed at any place and at any time using the internet

  5. A Certified training

As part of honoring our social responsibility towards the Guyanese community the company will provides an assurance to continue to support these kind of initiatives and anticipates collaborating with the Ministry of Education and other Ministries to be a part of this training program.

We are delighted to share with you some of the persons who attended this event:

  • Assistant Chief Education Officer and other Representatives from the Ministry of Education

  • Members of the Technical Vocational Education and Training

  • Directors of all Technical Schools

  • Representatives from the Ministry of Communities

  • Representatives from the Ministry of Public Telecommunications

  • Representatives from the Ministry of Natural Resources

  • Representatives from the Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs

  • Representatives from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure

  • Representatives from the University of Guyana

  • USA Ambassador to Guyan

  • Chili Ambassador to Guyana

  • Venezuelan Ambassador to Guyana

  • Suriname Ambassador to Guyana

  • Brazil Ambassador to Guyana

  • Chinese Ambassador to Guyana

  • Members of the Media

  • Macorp Management Team and Staff

At this event, persons were encouraged to participate since it will undoubtedly provide a bright and positive future for them.

Moreover, it is with great humility that Macorp would like to thank Caterpillar for providing this opportunity not only to Guyana but also to other Caribbean Dealers such as Surmac (Suriname) and M & E Ltd (Bahamas). Macorp appreciates Caterpillar’s resourcefulness and invaluable inputs towards making this program possible.

In conclusion, the Launch of this program has generated a closer alliance between the Government Sectors and the Company. There were several meetings and visits that took place with between Macorp and Government Officials, example:

  • Visit to Macorp by the Vice President and Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Sydney Allicock

  • Visit to Macorp by the Minister of Public Telecommunications Catherine Hughes

  • Visit by Macorp Officials to Port Kaituma, Region One (1)

  • Meeting with the Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Communities.

At this point of time, twenty-two (22) persons successfully completed the Training and were provided the opportunity to commence the One Year Training Program at Macorp.

Upon completion of the one year training, the participants will also be provided the opportunity to be employed by Macorp.

Please be guided by the links below for further details:

By: Weneta Pooran


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