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MACORP Promotes Technicians for the Caribbean - Signed MOU with Ministry of Public Telecom!

Written by Weneta Pooran, MACORP Learning Center Administrator

MACORP promotes the Technicians for the Caribbean program
Signing of the MOU between MACORP and the Ministry of Public Telecommunications

Chief Executive Officer of Machinery Corporation of Guyana Limited (MACORP), Guillermo Escarraga, and Minister of Public Telecommunications, Catherine Hughes signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU which seeks to facilitate the Technicians for the Caribbean Program was signed on September 16, 2019. The program continues to be free and is delivered online. The training is available to persons interested in becoming certified with technical skills in heavy machinery.

Presentation of the Signed MOU

At the simple ceremony, Minister of Public Telecommunications, Hon. Catherine Hughes said this is the beginning of a transformation in technological advancement at the community level. Presently, the Ministry has 157 internet hubs spread across the country. The internet hubs are provided in various locations for citizens to utilize to complete the Program.

Minister Hughes added that her Ministry without hesitation threw its support behind MACORP’s initiative. “We have made an important match between online learning, using technology to enhance educational opportunities and in turn propelling the value of an individual and their skills.” Being able to offer the online training program on a group and community basis with the support and guidance of MACORP will begin a transformation in terms of training and development in the technical area.

Minister of public Telecommunications, Catherine Hughes addressing Media and Other Officials of MACORP and the Ministry of Public Telecommunications

On the other hand, Chief Executive Officer of Macorp, Mr. Guillermo Escarraga expressed his gratitude for the Ministry to collaborate with Macorp. He stated, “We are happy to see that we are partnering with several stakeholders to make sure that people have the opportunity to take the program and actually get the certificate. At the end of the program, people will get the certificate that is valid not only in Guyana but throughout the world.”

CEO of MACORP, Mr. Guillermo Escarraga Makes His Presentation at the Ceremony

Training Director of Macorp, Mr. Miguel Oviedo said that the Technicians for the Caribbean program confirms to MACORP'S motto “Let’s Build Guyana together.”

In closing, Administrator of Macorp Learning Center, Mrs. Weneta Pooran emphasized that the program will serve without a doubt, to educate the youths of Guyana. She added, “Macorp has acknowledged the fact that globally, many successful organizations are driven by the constant technological and mechanical advancements, hence, the implementation of this program”.

Learning Center Administrator, Mrs. Weneta Pooran in Her Closing Remarks

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