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MACORP Visited Region 9 to Sensitize Youths & Residents of Technicians for the Caribbean Program

-By Weneta Pooran, Learning Center Administrator, MACORP

Minister of Indigenous Peoples' Affairs Donating Computers to Administrators and Students of Region 9

Machinery Corporation of Guyana Ltd. (MACORP) visited Region Nine (9) to sensitize Students and Residents of Technicians for the Caribbean Program at the Bina Hill Youth Learning Centre. This is the only Technical Institution in Region 9.

This Institution accommodates the Indigenous youths from Regions 1, 7, 8 and 9 of Guyana. On the visit to the Region, MACORP was represented by Training Director Miguel Oviedo and Learning Center Administrator Weneta Pooran. They were also accompanied by Vice President of Guyana and Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Hon. Sydney Allicock, Member of Parliament (MP), Hon. Mervyn Williams and Guyana’s High Commissioner to India, Hon. David Pollard.

The attendees were introduced to the Programme by Mr. Oviedo who did a power point presentation to explain the process and benefits which the Training has to offer. He reiterated that the Training is free of cost, certified and can be completed with internet access on any device.

Macorp Training Director Sharing Information on the Technicians for the Caribbean Program.

Youths were assured that once successfully completed, the globally accredited certificate will provide them with the Knowledge that they need to gain employment. Mr. Oviedo added that upon completion of this training the youths can also gain entry to participate in the MACORP Trainee Technicians process for one (1) year free of cost.

Mr. Oviedo was supported by Mrs. Pooran who eagerly answered all questions asked by the Youths and Administrators in attendance. Questions and Answers can be found below:

  • Question: What is the time frame to complete the Training? Answer: You have until Six (6) Months from the day of commencement

  • Question: How many courses make up the Training? Answer: The Training comprises of Eighteen (18) Courses

  • Question: What is the duration or amount of time needed for all of the Training course? Answer: Twenty (20) hours is the total time

  • Question: When will the certificate expire? Answer: There is no expiration date for the certificate

In closing, the Vice President of Guyana and Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs commended MACORP for this initiative and explained that the aim is to partner with companies, such as MACORP, to provide training to Indigenous youths. Also, to ensure that all students have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge by utilizing the Technicians for the Caribbean.

A Large Crowd was in Attendance

Ten (10) new laptops were donated to the Institute by the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs which will assist the youths to participate in the Technicians for the Caribbean Program. On the other hand, MACORP distributed Technicians for the Caribbean Brochures with registration details and MACORP Contact information.

Vice President of Guyana and Minister of Indigenous People's Affairs Addressing Attendees

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