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  • Paul Tobin

MRC repairs any CAT-machine

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Someone who buys a Caterpillar machine, invests in quality and longevity. Nevertheless, as with any machine, over time, parts must be changed and the machine repaired. When this time comes, there stand the professionals of the Machine Rebuild Center (MRC) of Surmac, ready to work on your equipment. According to Etienne Mayland, Field Foreman at Surmac, the objective of the MRC is to make the CAT- machine of our customer operational as soon as possible.

In order to be efficient and perform at the service of our customers, the technicians of the MRC are divided in Shop Technicians and Field Technician. As their names indicate, the Shop Technicians repair the machines in the garage and the Field Technician do so on customers’ sites. After general technical schooling all the technicians have followed a special Caterpillar training. That means that all Caterpillar technicians have a world class level of knowledge.

At the arrival of a CAT machine for reparation, a walk-around inspection is first conducted. Mr. Mayland better explains the arrival process: “We do it together with the customer. We check together the condition of the machine and produce the related report. In addition, as we maintain high standards for contamination control, before entering the shop area, every machine is washed in the wash bay. You can better evaluate eventual leakages, and more easily spot any visible problem on a clean machine. You can also better handle other fluids contamination.”

After washing the machine, a work order is generated. Then comes what the customer wants, and what actions will be performed to answer their demands. After the paperwork, the actual “rebuild’ of the machine can start. First, there will be a troubleshooting, and based on the results, the Service department will have a clearer vision of any problems with the machine. “In general a complete job takes between 10 and 14 days depending on parts availability. For some of the most complex jobs, we can ask for the worldwide expertise of Caterpillar. In the end, at Surmac, we are able to repair every model of Caterpillar machine, of any production year.”

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