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  • Paul Tobin

SURMAC now has professional SOS Analysts

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

From May 21st to May 24th 2018, seven employees of the Equipment Management Solutions department and the SOS lab were trained by Tiffany Thompson, Caterpillar Senior Development Engineer. Finally, on the following 8th of August, our 7 trainees received their certificates. According to Tiffany, our new graduates are now most capable to conduct machine fluids analysis and give the best advice to customers about their machines conditions.

For the Senior Development Engineer,

Oil samples are pulled for analysis

this training - SOS Services Interpretation - was important and necessary. Better analysis and advice, will help the owners of Cat-machines to better manage their assets. Aware of the importance of the SOS process, Surmac also allowed employees of other departments than the SOS Lab to be trained. According to Tiffany this demonstrates the focus of Surmac on continuously upgrading its level of customer service.

After the training, Charmain Kromosadjah, SOS Administrator stated, “we do not look only at the oil condition, but also at the running hours of the machine. They are all linked together. The running hours of the machine give as well an indication about the kind of oil contamination and how critical it is for the machine. Besides, we must take into account all the technical conditions and historical data of the machine and study the trends.”

Finally, we leave the floor to Tiffany for the conclusion, “the trained employee have potential and I look forward to support them in terms of training and marketing.”

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